5 amazing meals that you can make using a rice cooker

Contrary to what its name suggests, a rice cooker can perform a lot of amazing tricks than just being a simple one-dimensional kitchen appliance. Most of you will probably be surprised to know that you can actually prepare a wide variety of dishes such as vegetables, stews, cakes, desserts and even a hearty and complete meal with just a rice cooker.

Black & Decker Rice Cooker 1.8L RC1760-B5 is a reliable and heavy duty kitchen partner for everyday use. Black & Decker Rice Cooker runs on a smart system that efficiently cooks your rice to perfection and keeps it nice and warm until it is ready to be served. Cooking rice has never been this quick and simple!

Black & Decker Rice Cooker 1.8L RC1760-B5 comes with a high-quality tempered glass lid to help you observe the process while the food gets thoroughly cooked. This rice cooker also comes in two modes: the cook and the warm, indicated by color-coded lights. Its heavy duty removable cooking bowl is guaranteed non-stick and can work well with almost all types of food. The cooking bowl is easy to clean too! The Keep Warm Cycle, Cool-Touch handles, rice measuring cup and serving scoop completes the package of this multi-purpose appliance.

1.    Black & Decker Rice Cooker also comes with a steamer that allows you to cook vegetables as well as light meats while the rice is being cooked inside the bowl below. The product is a serving of crisp steamed vegetables that is fully packed with flavors and nutrients.
2.    While on the Cook Mode, Black & Decker Rice Cooker produces heat enough to boil soups and stews. The trick is not complicated. You can simply put everything inside, sit back, relax and enjoy your stew after half an hour or so.
3.     You can also use the rice cooker for baked goodies! Mix the batter as instructed and fill the cooking bowl up to one-fourth of the maximum level. Set to Cook and flip to the other side until the inside is soft and moist.
4.    Breakfast favorites such as eggs and oatmeal can also be prepared using a rice cooker. Cook your breakfast the same way as you do it normally or according to your preference. Rice cooker in Warm mode is also a good substitute to a slow cooker.
5.    Saucy pastas and cheesy macaroni are also easy to cook with Black & Decker Rice Cooker. Combine cooked pasta with your favorite sauce, meat and other garnishes then you are good to go!

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