Dior perfumes for women

Christian Dior, the great mind behind the success of his luxurious line of fashion, fragrance, make-up and skincare essentials pioneered the designer company in 1947. Particularly, his passion for the flowers served as an inspiration for crafting unique and exquisite perfumes as finishing touches for his exceptional designer outfits. Dior House of Perfumes traces the heart of its history at Grasse, also considered as the world’s capital of perfumery. At the present, Christian Dior’s property at Provence serves as the cradle for the fragrances’ trademarks jasmine and Rose de Mai.

Despite the huge demand from Dior fragrances’ avid patrons and the line’s growing popularity around the world, providing a very special care and great attention to detail remain as the fundamental guiding principles in crafting high quality perfumes. Right from the selection of ideal raw materials up to the bottling process, a combination of passion and mastery is thoroughly applied by experienced craftsmen to produce a perfect and consistent blend of fragrances. Today, all Dior fragrances are produced in a state of the art factory located in Saint Jean de Braye in France. From Saint Jean de Braye, Dior fragrances are distributed to markets on almost every corner of the world.

In this blog entry, two fragrances from the Dior House of perfume will be presented in detail.

As a part of the Weekly Special, Christian Dior J’Adore for Women 100ml is now available at only AED 420 from an original price of AED 517. J’Adore eau de parfum highlights the luxurious aroma of rich and well-balanced bouquet from a blend of noble flowers: Damascena Rose on the heart note, Sambac Jasmine on the base note and Ylang Ylang from Comoro Islands on the top note. The unique blend of fresh garden flowers sealed in bottle that resembles the shape of amphora, ignites a seductive yet refined fragrance that has become a certified favorite and a source of overflowing inspiration. J’Adore eau de toilette is also described as a perfect blend of both classic and modern perfumery which imbibes the freshness of natural flowers.

Dior Dune eau de toilette spray 100ml on the other hand is defined as a harmonious balance of vibrant yet delicate floral bouquet. The perfume captures the unique landscape of the horizon where the radiant characters of the sky meets the calm and warm oceanic fragrance with the perfect freshness and subtlety from natural flowers. Mandarin dominates the top note, Peony the heart note and Vanilla on the base note. Dune eau de toilette is now available for only AED 297.50 at GroceryOnline.ae!

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