Grocery online shopping tip no. 1 : always buy medicine in bulk

Another household needs that you should always buy in bulk is medicine. Your medicine cabinet should be complete, not only with medications but also with the basic medical equipments that you can use in case of emergencies. From curing simple illnesses to treating minor wounds, you should always be prepared at all times.

Your first aid kit should be complete with the basic medical supplies that you can use in treating minor wounds. This includes antiseptics such as alcohol and iodine solution, bandages, cotton and gauze. You should also have ointments for treating insect bites, inflammations, minor infections and scars.

Because of the changing weather and different kinds of sickness that can be passed and transferred airborne, you should also have cure for common colds, cough and flu. Paracetamol tablets can work against fever while sore throat lozenges and oral antibacterial solutions can fight against the onset of upper respiratory diseases. You should also have a supply of anti-allergy medicine depending on your family’s health conditions. Anti-histamines would work well for most allergic triggers such as dust, smoke and pollen.

We should also prepare medicines for other illnesses such as diarrhea, stomach or intestinal cramps and indigestion. Having a stock of rehydration salt solutions and tablets will also help in cases of fluid loss due to loose bowel movements. Pain reliever drugs and medications are also a must have for headaches and other body pains. Liniments and other pain relieving rubs and ointments can also help relax worn out and swollen body parts such as the back and limbs.
Other medicines that you can include in your cabinet are anti-poison medicines such as activated carbon and anti-vertigo medicines that you can use during long travels.

It would not hurt to spend a few dirhams for basic medical equipments such as body thermometers, stethoscope, nebulizers for asthma patients and sphygmomanometers for hypertensive individuals.

Always check the expiration dates of the medicines before using them to assure of its quality and safety. If you have medical supplies that you are no longer using, then you can donate them to health care institutions.

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