Grocery online shopping tip no. 2: always buy meat in bulk

Buying goods in bulk really works wonders for any household. But many would consider meat and poultry products dead last in their lists of daily groceries to buy. And like any other groups of household items, buying meat in bulk has its own benefits. All you need to have is a refrigerator with a good freezer unit and you are good to go.

Meat can last up to one month inside the freezer with its freshness, taste and nutrient almost the same as if it were freshly bought. Meat can typically be kept inside the refrigerator indefinitely if proper food handling is observed and if the freezer temperature is maintained at around zero degrees Fahrenheit; not warmer, to prevent bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from multiplying and not colder that it can cause the meat to freeze burn. Most raw meat can keep its good quality anywhere from three to twelve months depending on the variety, while precooked and processed meat can last up to a month to two. Innards and lean meat cut into pieces, such as ground beef, do not usually last beyond three months compared to whole meats.

Eggs are however not advised to be stocked inside the freezer to keep the consistency still optimum for frying, boiling, poaching, or other cooking methods.
Apart from saving money and time, buying meat in bulk can also give you a wider range of choices when it comes to preparing a meal for the day. You can have your premium beef mutton cubes for your masala or lamb slices for a tasty steak. You may also have your juicy chicken cuts ready for kebab and eggs for a hearty breakfast.

Just make sure to buy from your trusted butcher that do not use enzymes, antibiotics and other harmful chemicals to grow their livestock.

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