The benefits of using rice flour

Rice is considered as a staple food in the majority of Asian countries. Its powdered form more commonly known as rice flour is widely used in different cuisines and dishes such as cakes and other baked goodies, desserts, fried foods, baby foods, and even as wheat substitute to flatbreads or pita. It can be used as a main ingredient to chips and snacks as it provides a nice crunch whether you want your food baked or fried. It also provides a nice consistency as what flour does to soups, sauces, gravies and many more.
Rice flour is a gluten-free food in contrast with the more popular wheat flour. Gluten is described as a chain of proteins contained in wheat, rye and barley grains which may sometimes be detected as harmful particles once it enters the human body. The negative effect is that in some people, gluten actives a hypersensitive immune response. It somehow causes the intestine to attack itself and lead to a series of complications in the future, including anemia, fatigue and nutrient deficiency.
Not only is rice flour a great gluten-free substitute, but it also contains low levels of cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium that promotes good heart health. Some varieties are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. When consumed in moderation, complex carbohydrates from rice flour can effectively supply a nice flow of energy to help you get going for the day.
Rice flour also contains a good amount of insoluble fiber that can help your bowel keep moving and avoid constipation. By promoting a good bowel movement, our body’s toxins and other wastes are flushed out effectively. Some starches are resistant to enzymes inside in our digestive system. The starch then aids the good bacteria in our digestive tract that keeps our tummy healthy.
Aside from its culinary uses, rice flour is also a cheap and effective skin care product. It visibly reduces dark spots and wrinkles when combined with fresh yoghurt. Just apply onto desired skin areas, let the solution sit for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. The result is a smooth, clear and radiant skin.
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