Return Refund Cancellation Policy

Any order made throughout the day can be cancelled/modified before closure of order book at 12.00 Midnight and we would refund your money in your account. Once the order book is closed, the system won’t allow carrying any cancellation by default.

We have no questions asked policy, hence if you think you have received rotten/defective product you could return it immediately. However product can only be returned while our delivery man is on standby at your door and this is due to the perishable nature of our product. This means you need to check the product immediately and in case you find a vegetable or fruit in unacceptable condition. You could return it at the same time and we would deliver similar quantity/unit of that product in the next 24 hours.

You could also write us su or call at xxxxxxxxx to let us know your complaints and issues and we would ensure to improve the quality of service and product to match your expectations.