You've got supply. We've got demand.

If you are checking this page then you already know that there is one and only one way to move end-of-life inventory in UAEa. (That's us. Obviously.). As a matter of fact we think that we are (per capita) the most successful Grocery Online, flash sales site in the world.

As another matter of fact, we will be sourcing more stock from Europe and The US than we are sourcing locally.

Our world-wide reputation is second to none, and our deals simply speak for themselves.

Please contact our sourcing team today to get moving.

Nobody else can turn huge quantities of end-of-season, excess, refurbished, and other problem inventory into cash as quickly as we can. We can do it quietly, to avoid channel conflicts. We can do it loudly, to build some buzz around your brand. We pay upfront (if we trust you), and we handle the distribution to the customer from our 40,000m 8 warehouses.

Yes, it really is as good as it sounds.

To all supliers who are wishing to list their products at, please email your contacts to Our customer support will be in touch with you in 24 hours.