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Everyone has questions. Sometimes they're obvious, sometimes they're random and bizarre. Sometimes they're just plain weird and we can only gape in amazement that someone thought to ask that. For the last time, no we don't sell edible under garments, Gary!

But when it comes to the normal everyday questions that people want answers to, we can certainly do that. So if you've got a question, scroll down and we'll see if we've been able to pre-empt yours with an answer below!

Q. So, like, what's with selling groceries online?

A. Ok, well it's simple: the savings. GroceryOnline shoppers can expect the best prices in United Arab Emiratesa on big brand grocery items because when we sell online, we can sell stuff cheaper. With fewer overheads, no parking lots or aisle shelves and store floors to pay for, we can concentrate on lower prices for you. At GroceryOnline, you can expect to save an average of 50% off your regular grocery bill, with savings of up to 80% off some items. Not only that, but buying groceries online takes away the drive to the store, battling for a car park and waiting at the checkouts. Plus we have a flat $9.95 shipping fee - we deliver on the Same Day within city limits for all Orders received by 11am. Delivery day's are from Saturday to Thursday.

Q. Well, it sounds pretty cheap. How is it that you can do these prices but Woolies and Coles can't?

A. It's simple. Our buyers are masters of seduction; We tell our suppliers that all 1.4 million of our members will turn up in their driveway if they don't give us a better-than-amazing deal on air fresheners - it's a pretty compelling proposition. Needless to say, they comply. But in reality, our ability to source amazing deals on everyday groceries probably has something to do with the fact that we order huge amounts, have fast turnover, offer suppliers fast payment and have low overheads.

Q. What type of delicious foods will you be selling?

A. We mainly offer big name brands which are known and trusted and can be found (for higher prices!) in your local supermarket. Shoppers can expect everything from packaged foods like pasta, snacks, sweets and staples to household necessities such as cleaning products, soaps and detergents. There will also bepersonal hygiene products such as toothpaste and nappies, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, vitamins... you name it. As many as 200 products will be on offer, updated and refreshed each shopping day. Now, not all of these strictly fall into the “delicious foods” category you mentioned above, but if you like to snack on soap and nappies, that's your prerogative and far be it from us to try and stop you.

Q. GroceryOnline, If you're so smart, then how about this: where do I buy milk, eggs and meat?

A. Yeah, you thought you had us stumped with that one, didn't you? Nice try. Obviously we can't sell eggs, milk and meat because they'd get broken, go sour and turn a little stinky in the post. So for those kinds of things, you'll be wanting to make a special trip to your local butcher, green grocer or similar. You can't do everything online (yet), people, so for these things, support your local community! Tell them GroceryOnline sent you. They'll give you a blank stare - but not for long!

Q. Is your chocolate tasty?

A. Is yours?

Q. How much and how quick is delivery?

A. We offer flat rate delivery for only $9.95 no matter where in Australia you live or how much you buy. Yes, it's awesome of us; we do it for the customers and we do it with love. Australia Post is our distribution partner and they're pretty excellent - typically, customers can expect their goods within same day. We also have a new warehouse system in place so your order will be picked, packed and shipped almost immediately. Look, if the postman gets lost on the way to your house, that's out of our hands. We try to draw good maps for him, but none of us are trained cartographers. Don't hate!

Q. If I have a problem or a question how can I contact you guys? In this technological age, surely you have a phone number or similar?

A. Well, in this technological age, we all have mobile phones, but obviously we're not going to just hand the numbers out like candy. Don't worry! You can contact us at anytime by email. We have a dedicated customer service team who are sitting by their computers waiting to be emailed with customer enquiries, jokes and complaints, and they're all excellent at their jobs. Of course, deep down they're hoping they won't have to hear from you, and it's not because they're lazy.

Q. So I can do my grocery shopping online, anytime?

A. Yep! You can sit on your couch in your undies at 2am and do your grocery shopping if you like. The deals change regularly and the $9.95 shipping cap always applies, so you can shop when it suits you. Great, huh?